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Crickstart Crackers

Crickstart Food Co.

Tirelessly iterated for deliciousness!

Delicious olive-flavoured organic gluten-free crackers made with cricket powder. Apart from our star ingredient, the crackers incorporate fresh Kalamata olives, red bell peppers, and seeds like flax, sunflower and hemp. They’re full of protein (20% by weight), omega-3, vitamin B12, magnesium and fibre. They pair well with cheeses, spreads and dips. In the production of these crackers, the flax seeds are soaked until their gelatin is released; this gelatin acts as a no-sugar binder that holds the rest of the ingredients together, including the cricket powder. Made in Canada and certified organic by Ecocert Canada. 25 organic Canadian-farmed crickets per 30 g serving.

Cricket Powder
Golden Flax
Sunflower Seeds
Brown Rice
Kalamata Olives
Red Bell Pepper

High in protein, vitamins and minerals with a good balance of essential fats.

done 6 g protein
done 20% DV Vitamin B12
done 30% DV Magnesium
done 10% DV Iron
done 5g fibre

Made with an “every ingredient matters” approach.

Certified Organic
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Made in Canada
9-month shelf life

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