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Real Food

Delicious is mandatory.

Let’s face it, we’re trying to get you to eat bugs. So it’s gotta be delicious! Our very patient families and friends can attest to how many recipes we tried before landing on these ones.

Every ingredient matters.

Our star ingredient is cricket powder, but every other ingredient was also carefully chosen for nutrition, balance, and flavor.

In our bars we use seed butters for their creamy texture and nutrition density, and spices and citrus extracts for extra flavor.

In our crackers, we use fresh veggies like kalamata olives and bell peppers, and flax that is soaked to extract its gelatin for bioavailability and binding.

In our smoothie mix we use bananas, mangoes and raspberries, freeze dried to maintain their antioxidants and avoid preservatives.

Nutrition labels we’re proud of.

Some of our nutrition fun facts:

What we can do without.

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